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1 Mar - 2 Mar


The Master Pres. The Club of The Future .

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6 Mar - 7 Mar


The Sunday Jam. The Club of Clubs.

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23 Mar - 24 Mar


The Master Pres. The Club of The Future .

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3 Apr - 4 Apr


The Sunday Jam. The Club of Clubs.

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Weekend Wasteland. The Club of Clubs.More info:,


Reviews written by current and ex clients 

(who have given me their consent to share their names and reviews)



"Absolutely brilliant counsellor in all fields. Definitely got me through the toughest times. The patience and constructive advice coupled by the sincere desire to selflessly help others makes this man second to none" - Doctor Tegan Chain


"Best counsellor I've been to, helped me through out high school and was a big part in getting me to where I am today!! Insanely passionate, hard working and caring!! Don't give him a second thought, go see him it will be worth your time and money!! Keep up the good work Stef!! - Kalvin McCallum


"Stef helped me through the toughest time to date in my life so far. His patience, ability to listen without judgement and offer alternatives without pressure or impatience if I did not take it immediately or arrive at that point was amazing . He is an incredible counsellor whose professionalism, empathy and kindness helped me get to the other end. Words cannot express the difference he made to me and the person I am now- thank-you will never be enough" - Anene Egwuatu


"Stef is great , non judgemental and practical. He helped me enormously. London's loss is Bristols gain" - Deborah Hollis




Frequently Asked Questions


How long is a Counselling Session and How often do we meet?


A Counselling Session is 50 – 60 Minutes. We usually meet once a week, but this is dependent on the client. It is difficult to say how often I will need to see you and for how long. I work from a Person-Centred approach, working with my clients needs.


When do you see most of your clients?


I normally schedule Appointments for afternoons and early evenings between 4pm and 7pm. I am also available for early bird appointments at 7/7:30am. I am available on Saturday mornings for Career Assessments and after hours in emergencies.


What happens during a Counselling Session?


In the first few sessions I will first be getting to know you and will ask you questions about your background and your family etc. I will often have to ask some personal questions – not because I am inquisitive, but because your past has a bearing on who you are today. I ask all my clients to be as honest as possible with me as this will help me to help you in your therapy process. As a psychotherapist I am not there to tell you what to do, but merely to listen to you and offer advice and direction.